Practice Ice Policy

During pre-designated time-slots on the club calendar, members can reserve a sheet of ice to practice their own game, help another member with their game, or even introduce a guest to the game (with limitations described below). Reservation of practice ice is a privilege of being a Full member of the club, but it can be revoked if the privilege is abused.

Membership Requirements

The following Membership levels can reserve practice ice on the club calendar:

  • Full
  • Full (Daytime)

No other membership type can initiate the reservation of ice. However, other membership types can be invited to join a practice session initiated and attended by a Full or Full (Daytime) member, however that Full or Full (Daytime) member must also be in attendance.


Ice should not be reserved for more than 1 sheet and/or 1 hour consecutively (and no more than 2 sheets/hours non-consecutively per day). Exceptions to this are:

  • A pick-up/make-up/rescheduled game
  • A team practice (at least 2 members must be in attendance)
  • An empty slot / late / no-show before or after your slot - you are welcome to stay longer if desired, but you must leave if the member who did reserve the slot shows up
  • Any other exception explicitly granted by the club Vice President or Head Ice Technician

To book a 2-hour consecutive slot for a team practice or game without intervention/approval from the club Vice President or Head Ice Technician, have two members book the two slots separately. For example, if Tom's team wants to practice (and Mary is on Tom's team) book the slots such that they look like:

12:00-1:00 Tom

1:00-2:00 Mary

In this way, they will just look like two separate bookings.

Advanced Booking

The calendar interface does not allow the booking of practice ice slots more than 2 weeks in advance. However, any slot identified as being booked more than 2 weeks in advance (i.e. via a website admin who has calendar modification privileges) may be deleted without notice.


No more than 8 people should occupy a practice session per sheet.


Members can invite guests (non-Broomstones curlers and/or non-curlers) to join a practice ice session with the following conditions:

  • all non-club members must sign a waiver before getting on the ice
  • the member who initiated the session must be present at all times and is responsible for managing their guest(s)
  • the total number of people should not exceed 8. Rentals use a 1:4 ratio of instructor:curler so use your best judgement.

In other words, a practice slot could be an opportunity to show a friend (or even a few friends) what it is like to throw a few stones and/or sweep, but it is not meant to replace a proper rental.

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