Membership Type

Curling PrivilegesMay reserve Ice and rent the facility at a  discounted rateMay serve as an officer or member of the board and vote at meetings of the membeshipReceives all club communications and may participate in all social activities of the clubAgeDues
FullLeagues & BonspielsYesYesYes29+ $525
FullLeagues & BonspielsYesYesYes21-28$400
Full DaytimeLeagues before 4 pm & BonspielsYesYesYes21+$300
ProvisionalLeagues & In-House BonspielsNoNoYes21+$130
SocialIn-House Bonspiels and sub 6 times per 1/2 seasonNoNoYes21+$150
Friend of BroomstonesOne In-House Bonspiel per seasonNoNoYes18+$75
College Age in Adult League*Broomstones Junior Program and all Adult Leagues & BonspielsNoNoYes18-20$300
Youth in Adult League*Broomstones Junior Program and One adult LeagueNoNoYes13-18$255
Youth*Broomstones Junior Program & BonspielsNoNoYes5-20$125
College League OnlyFriday afternoon collegeNoNoYes17-25$50
Youth Non-ResidentSubs in leagues & practices during vacationsNoNoYes13-21$125


*Children of full members get a $25 discount in these categories.


For membership questions, please email