Broomstones will be hosting its annual college bonspiel November 12-14.

Everyone who enters the building must be vaccinated, including curlers, coaches, and spectators. Each person will need to upload a picture of their vaccination card/proof of vaccination by 4 pm on November 5 to ensure our medical advisory board has time to verify each submission. 

Each person will upload their own vaccination card/proof of vaccination at: Once they submit the form and image(s), a text message will be sent to the person confirming that the form has been submitted. We will contact you if there are any questions about the submission.

Broomstones currently does not have a mask mandate but many curlers choose to do so. If the mask policy changes, I will email the contact for each school and post in this group.

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College Curling

Broomstones' College Curling program has been around for over a decade and has hosted students from over a dozen different local colleges and universities from the Boston and Worcester area. The two mainstays of our college program have been from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Boston College has started up again in 2021.

Our Friday afternoon (4-6pm) collegiate program hosts weekly training sessions and head-to-head match ups between Harvard, MIT, BC, and any other schools or college students that attend. Bowdoin and Yale, among others, will occasionally join us for head-to-head matches.

Broomstones also hosts a college bonspiel in November that has broken records for the number of teams that play and routinely has one of the most number of colleges and universities represented outside of Collegiate Nationals, from New York to Maine, Pennsylvania to Oklahoma. The College Curling program also sends two to three teams to Collegiate Nationals every year. Broomstones hosted College Nationals in 2019. Recent results at Collegiate Nationals have had MIT placing 3rd in 2019, Harvard placing 4th in the nation in 2017, MIT winning the B event in 2016 and in 2015, MIT placing third and BU placing fifth with Harvard being knocked out of the third place competition by MIT. MIT won College Nationals in 2011.

Please direct any questions about the College Curling program to